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I just thought this was funny that Ashley Madison, a service claiming to be anonymous and “100% Discreet” was neither. The truth is you should never trust anything that claims to be 100% anonymous/discreet, because that simply doesn’t exist. Their marketing is sneaky and smells of snake oil. For example a screenshot from their site:


“Trusted Security Award”. Excuse me, but what the fuck is that? It seems that they just gave themselves a medal that doesn’t even exist. On to The claim of Ashley Madison being a “100% DISCREET SERVICE”. Ha! What a joke! The leak proves this is not true whatsoever! “SSL Secure Site” as if that even matters. Sadly people who don’t know any better fall for these stupid baseless marketing tricks, and boy did they pay the price. Maybe this is a lesson to teach us all that there is no such thing as a 100% anonymous service where you give your credit card number to.

Can we also have a laugh at this 😀


They’re not so “anonymous” any more!

Go see for yourself over at

(inb4 they change all of this, let this be a reference).