As many know, the Chinese government is one of the most oppressive governments in the world due to their human rights abuses. Recently, they have been creating a real life dystopia that involves the tracking of everyone and everything inside of China. It’s all to create a so called “social credit system.” The government tracks every individual’s interactions with the world and others using mass surveillance, artificial intelligence, CCTV other dystopian methods of spying. Proponents of this system claim it creates a better society by enforcing so called ‘good social behavior’ and increasing the ‘trustworthiness’ of people. There’s no doubt it creates conformity to a certain standard. However, it’s nightmare fuel for anyone who values individual liberty and freedom. The goal is to have this system implemented in all aspects of life. It will determine how and if you travel, where you work and access to public or private services based on your score. It’s essentially government mandated control of everyone and everything.

If you’ve ever seen Black Mirror, this is akin to what the Chinese government wants to build.

I would like to rant about how Communism as a whole is one of the most dangerous ideologies ever to exist, although I’ll save that for another post. The truth about China is that they follow the same dangerous doctrines of Communism and it plays with their social credit system well (for those in power). What they’re doing is straight out of Nineteen Eighty-Four. The potential for abuse is huge and the Chinese government has a history of suppressing dissidents and those who disagree with their strange obsession with conformity. The combination of mass surveillance and this social credit system allow the government to make thoughtcrime a reality. If you don’t get punished for thoughtcrime by the government, you’ll be punished socially by businesses and those around you. People will reject you and your social credit will affect everything in your life. It will create social pariahs and further the Chinese government’s goal of creating hive-mind citizenry.

Humiliation and oppression

The hive-mind becomes a reality.

The Chinese government publicly shames and humiliates people that don’t conform to social standards in the areas they are testing their program. They have displayed jaywalkers on giant public TV screens, posted information about ‘untrustworthy’ people online and continually humiliate those who struggle to keep their credit score up. This humiliation is based on reports from others and creates the potential for those reports to be greatly misconstrued. Don’t like your neighbor? Submit a false report about their bad social behavior. Blackmail? Easy, especially if you’re in a higher class or position of power. The Chinese social credit system will most definitely be highly abused by those that are able to take advantage of it. The Chinese government already has a history of persecuting those they deem unfit for Communist rule and forcing them into re-education camps. The future pretty much writes itself for China unless the people stand up.

Does anyone remember when Saudi Arabia threatened to sue anyone online that compared them to ISIS? I do..

Do you remember when Ashraf Fayadh received the death sentence for apostasy? I do..

Although the sentence was overturned (most likely due to public outcry) he got an 8 year sentence and 800 lashes.. 800 lashes… In addition to his severe punishments he is forced to repent through an announcement in official media, 1984 style. Are we supposed to feel better about this? They probably think so. Should we? Hell no. The fact that Saudi Arabia continually violates human rights according to Amnesty International’s research is daunting. This is the same country that is allied with the US and UK.. The same country that is on the UN human rights panel, even though they execute people in brutal fashion, on public display at times, and for ludicrous reasons.

Do you realize that Saudi Arabia is comparable to ISIS? I do.. And you should too. πŸ™‚

Russia Today, or more commonly known as RT always releases media speaking out against the west and how they are so terrible but completely fails to judge Russia for their tyrannical behavior. Now before we continue, both ‘the west’ (USA) and Russia are chock full of corruption and neither is truly better. The thing that bothers me is that RT loves to point at the U.S. and say “wow look they are so corrupt and horrible” when Russia is the same! RT has also been releasing massive amounts of pro Putin propaganda like this laughable post.

Screenshot - 07232015 - 07:28:40 PM

If that isn’t propaganda I don’t know what is. If RT really wanted you to ‘question more’ why are they not telling you about Russia’s flaws?

Source: facebook.com/RTnews/posts/10153556881959411


boingboing.net is just horrible and a perfect example of terrible ‘journalism’, especially recently. When I saw they ran a Tor exit node I thought they were pretty cool, but I slowly learned that boingboing releases nothing but sensationalistic clickbait articles about feminism (the nazi version), race (the racist kind) and cutesy little articles with animals. The ones with serious titles have hardly any content and always link to a “source”, they don’t even write their own articles they basically just get their material from 3rd parties, sum it up and slap it on their site. There was 3 articles that specifically triggered me to write this post;

  1. Video games without people of color are not ‘neutral’
  2. Why “All Lives Matter” instead of “Black Lives Matter” is such a stupid thing to say
  3. Movies edited down to only the parts where non-white actors speak. They’re very short films.

In the first article boingboing basically states that it’s ‘racist’ not to put people of color in games. How is this even a problem? They point out that the game Witcher 3 didn’t add people of color to the game like that is some kind of crime even though Witcher 3 is supposed to be based on eastern Europe centuries ago with a lot of fantasy added in. They only reference one other game that is supposedly racist for following the same all white trend. A lot of great RPG games like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout have various races and people of all colors included in them. Why is that such a big deal? I never even thought of race in a video game being a big deal and I fail to see how that having all of any skin color is a problem. Now if a game had all black people in it boingboing wouldn’t have one damn problem. Why? Because they’re hypocrites and that isn’t racist, but having all white people is…

The next article… Well the title kind of explains what the whole article is about… Boingboing is mad that people use the term “all lives matter” because that is “stupid” and when “black lives matter” it is not. So with a title like that is boingboing saying that all lives really don’t matter, but black lives matter the most? Maybe boingboing wants people like me to be mad? I don’t even know.

Ah… The final article! Well let’s just say boingboing writers just picked out movies with white people playing the major roles and edited them down to people of color speaking. Huh all these movies must be racist huh? No… There are so many movies with the main roles being played by non-white people. Boingboing just decided to ignore those and release this clickbait article complaining that not every movie includes non-white people in major roles πŸ™ so sad and racist isn’t it?

But really, shit like this is just a pathetic way of getting people to click their articles. Boingboing will look at every aspect of our world and point out something that rational people would see as fine is actually racist. Is there really anything more to say about how terrible boingboing is?

It’s true, people would really call Libertarians radical or crazy for their beliefs. Well, we were right about how government is too powerful even before people were really thinking about NSA surveillance. Look at the new Intercept revelations on XKEYSCORE: firstlook.org/theintercept/2015/07/02/look-under-hood-xkeyscore/

I also love how Adrian Wyllie put it πŸ™‚

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