Crypto World

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Recently we launched (formerly / We decided that this was a better name and one that we could finally settle on. I had thought of this name a while back but looked at .com, .net and .org I wasn’t surprised they were all taken. The Icelandic TLD .is was too expensive for me at the time so I looked for something else. So many domain names some might think I’m crazy. But there is a method to my madness, crypto world rolls off the tongue pretty nice. Now our buddies over at have a very similar domain, truly they are the ones that inspired us. I didn’t really know much about Iceland until I saw their .is domain and became interested in the TLD. I hope they don’t think we copied them in any way 🙁 but we love you guys if you see this (df, graze & PJ)!

Besides that, I really wanted to make a site that could be more than what previously was just a forum. Our future goals are pretty big and we have the infrastructure now to do it, but we hope to become a bigger community where people can learn about infosec & opsec or just hang out with like-minded others.