Russia Today, or more commonly known as RT always releases media speaking out against the west and how they are so terrible but completely fails to judge Russia for their tyrannical behavior. Now before we continue, both ‘the west’ (USA) and Russia are chock full of corruption and neither is truly better. The thing that bothers me is that RT loves to point at the U.S. and say “wow look they are so corrupt and horrible” when Russia is the same! RT has also been releasing massive amounts of pro Putin propaganda like this laughable post.

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If that isn’t propaganda I don’t know what is. If RT really wanted you to ‘question more’ why are they not telling you about Russia’s flaws?


boingboing is just horrible and a perfect example of terrible ‘journalism’, especially recently. When I saw they ran a Tor exit node I thought they were pretty cool, but I slowly learned that boingboing releases nothing but sensationalistic clickbait articles about feminism (the nazi version), race (the racist kind) and cutesy little articles with animals. The ones with serious titles have hardly any content and always link to a “source”, they don’t even write their own articles they basically just get their material from 3rd parties, sum it up and slap it on their site. There was 3 articles that specifically triggered me to write this post;

  1. Video games without people of color are not ‘neutral’
  2. Why “All Lives Matter” instead of “Black Lives Matter” is such a stupid thing to say
  3. Movies edited down to only the parts where non-white actors speak. They’re very short films.

In the first article boingboing basically states that it’s ‘racist’ not to put people of color in games. How is this even a problem? They point out that the game Witcher 3 didn’t add people of color to the game like that is some kind of crime even though Witcher 3 is supposed to be based on eastern Europe centuries ago with a lot of fantasy added in. They only reference one other game that is supposedly racist for following the same all white trend. A lot of great RPG games like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout have various races and people of all colors included in them. Why is that such a big deal? I never even thought of race in a video game being a big deal and I fail to see how that having all of any skin color is a problem. Now if a game had all black people in it boingboing wouldn’t have one damn problem. Why? Because they’re hypocrites and that isn’t racist, but having all white people is…

The next article… Well the title kind of explains what the whole article is about… Boingboing is mad that people use the term “all lives matter” because that is “stupid” and when “black lives matter” it is not. So with a title like that is boingboing saying that all lives really don’t matter, but black lives matter the most? Maybe boingboing wants people like me to be mad? I don’t even know.

Ah… The final article! Well let’s just say boingboing writers just picked out movies with white people playing the major roles and edited them down to people of color speaking. Huh all these movies must be racist huh? No… There are so many movies with the main roles being played by non-white people. Boingboing just decided to ignore those and release this clickbait article complaining that not every movie includes non-white people in major roles 🙁 so sad and racist isn’t it?

But really, shit like this is just a pathetic way of getting people to click their articles. Boingboing will look at every aspect of our world and point out something that rational people would see as fine is actually racist. Is there really anything more to say about how terrible boingboing is?

It’s true, people would really call Libertarians radical or crazy for their beliefs. Well, we were right about how government is too powerful even before people were really thinking about NSA surveillance. Look at the new Intercept revelations on XKEYSCORE:

I also love how Adrian Wyllie put it 🙂

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CloudFlare is horrible for many reasons. It might make everything super easy. You get DDoS protection, seamless SSL integration, very simple DNS management, ability to hide your server’s IP. But with all of that convenience you lose control of your data and your sites are now open to MITM attacks by Big Brother. Data going through their servers is encrypted/decrypted on their servers, they retain the private key (unless you pay $5,000/mo for their enterprise plan).

Their snake-oil security


What worries me the most is that more and more sites across the web are starting to use CloudFlare especially with their free-tier SSL certificates. This creates a false sense of security as people think their information is encrypted and no one can read it, but in reality it’s going through CloudFlare’s network who is most likely working with 3 letter agencies directly or indirectly in their SIGINT programs to store exabytes of traffic data from sites that could contain valuable information to them.

As we’ve seen in the Snowden docs intelligence agencies horde zero day exploits and use them on their targets. I speculate that CloudFlare could be used to deliver those exploits en masse or to deliver them to a target who visits a site that uses CloudFlare. CloudFlare’s entire model could definitely make it easier for intelligence agencies to deliver their nasty exploits. The NSA has already broken into some of the biggest companies in the world, it would only make sense for them to have done this to CloudFlare as well.

Of course this is all speculation, but who are we kidding we haven’t even seen half of the Snowden docs. The NSA is capable of so much more than we’ve seen and I’ll tell you “told ya so” if my speculations become known facts. 🙂

Crypto World

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Recently we launched (formerly / We decided that this was a better name and one that we could finally settle on. I had thought of this name a while back but looked at .com, .net and .org I wasn’t surprised they were all taken. The Icelandic TLD .is was too expensive for me at the time so I looked for something else. So many domain names some might think I’m crazy. But there is a method to my madness, crypto world rolls off the tongue pretty nice. Now our buddies over at have a very similar domain, truly they are the ones that inspired us. I didn’t really know much about Iceland until I saw their .is domain and became interested in the TLD. I hope they don’t think we copied them in any way 🙁 but we love you guys if you see this (df, graze & PJ)!

Besides that, I really wanted to make a site that could be more than what previously was just a forum. Our future goals are pretty big and we have the infrastructure now to do it, but we hope to become a bigger community where people can learn about infosec & opsec or just hang out with like-minded others.